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Gus, our 16-year-old arthritic cat, was well cared for "while we were away." Knowing that Stephanie and Amy are as committed to animal care as they are -- both professionally and personally -- we were confident that Gus was in capable and loving hands. Gus and we are happy to recommend their services.

We utilized While You're Away's Services for a week long trip out of town recently. We had a challenging cat - she needed to be rushed to the vet due to an auto-immune issue, which required numerous medications and time and effort to treat. Stephanie of While You're Away brought our Charlotte back and forth to the hospital, and provided us with frequent updates on her condition. Charlotte is doing well, (and we were able to enjoy our trip), thanks to While You're Away! ---Ralph, pet owner

We took our first real vacation in over two years this fall. One of our cats was diagnosed with diabetes a year ago and the idea of leaving him at home under someone else's care was unthinkable. He requires regular blood glucose monitoring and to be fed on a schedule. This trip would not have been possible (or as stress-free) had it not been for the friendly, competent, and caring staff of While You're Away - thank you, and, we'll be calling again!

Stephanie and Amy of While You're Away are compassionate, competent and very knowledgeable care takers. They not only take care of your pet's basic needs, but they also care about your pet's happiness and have the veterinary experience to catch any potential problems- this is a amazing and rare combination. I use to worry about my cat Bodhi when I would leave, but after having Amy and Stephanie caring for him the past few years I actually think he is a happier cat under their care.

When Melchior, my beloved 16-year-old cat, started requiring pills and injections, I could no longer ask neighbors to pet sit when I traveled. Amy Hamilton at While You're Away has been a life saver for Melchior and me. When I'm traveling, Amy comes to my house twice a day. She not only feeds and medicates Melchior, but she also takes the time to play with him, brush him, give him catnip, and talk to him. Melchior loves Amy and looks forward to her visits, and I can travel with peace of mind knowing that he is being professionally cared for in the comfort of his own home. On the rare occasions when I've been unexpectedly delayed in my travels Amy has cheerfully continued her visits until my return. I also find While You're Away's fee schedule to be extremely reasonable, especially when compared with the cost of medically boarding your pet at the vet's. I am recommending While You're Away to all my friends and neighbors! --Melchior's Mom

Amy and Stephanie, the caregivers at WhIle You're Away, provide loving and competent care for the pets that are entrusted to them. Their playful, lighthearted style appeals to our cat, Lillie, who now cooperates with their efforts to trim her claws. She was in a calm, happy frame of mind when we returned recently from a short trip. Thanks, Amy and Stephanie! -- Norma and Richard Taliaferro

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