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About While You're Away
Amy began working at an animal hospital in July 2000. She started as a veterinary assistant, became a supervisor and then was promoted to technician assistant. 

Stephanie began working for the emergency service of the same hospital in September 2000. She also started as a veterinary assistant and after a few years was promoted to a technician assistant. 

We became friends in 2006, while Amy was doing a stint on the overnights. We hit it off from the start! 

In March 2011, we started While You’re Away and are happily gaining more clients every month!

In 2012 we hired Leah, a licensed veterinary technician, to be a part of our team! Leah began her animal career working at a German Shepard rescue when she was 16, and at 17 she got her first job as a vet assistant near her hometown of Shrewsbury, PA. She graduated from Wilson College in 2009 with a B.S. in Veterinary Medical Technology. She moved to Alexandria after graduation and got her license in Virginia in 2010. At that time she met Amy and Stephanie while working in the same hospital.  Leah now works overnights at a specialty animal hospital, caring for patients in the ICU. 
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Providing compassionate in home pet sitting services since 2011.
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